With the iPhone 12, Apple returned to the straight edges that already characterized the iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5s. Without hesitation, this is a popular format: sales of the latest model number in the tens of millions, so most analysts only share auspicious estimates about them. What if the connected watch from the same brand was also entitled to this design?

According to Jon Prosser, who regularly shares information of this magnitude without always being validated, it is possible. The youtuber has indeed announced on the channel of another videographer that the Apple Watch would have edges at right angles soon. Given that the Series 6 was released in the last quarter of 2020, it is therefore very likely that this is the edition that will succeed it.

An additional color?

Prosser, who claims to have had renderings of the Watch in question in his hands, however, did not show them on the screen, which once again revives the debate on the seriousness of his predictions. The creator also hypothesized a variation of the accessory tinted in green, but without coming to support his statements by any source there either. However, it would not be surprising to see Cupertino diversify on this side: the latest iMac and the fourth generation iPad Air are there to justify it.

Moreover, few details have been released about the Series 7 so far. It must be said that if its manufacturer does not unveil it as often as in September, its engineers still have room to prepare it. Large-scale production, on the other hand, usually begins in the second half of the year.

Track record

AppleTrack is a site that is responsible for listing all the rumors shared about Apple in order to identify those which ultimately prove to be correct or not. According to the media, Jon Prosser is only sixth with 78.6% accuracy. That is to say much less than the most serious players in the sector, namely the American newspaper The Information (90%) or Bloomberg (88.7% via Mark Gurman).

We should also note the excellent performance of some relatively discreet Twitter accounts such as Kang, CoinX or L0vetodream. These seem to specialize in finding leaks rather than hearing.

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By: Keleops AG