Thousands of backward compatible games on Xbox Series X at launch

Eager "To elevate the preservation of games to the level of art", Microsoft is today talking about the backward compatibility of its future Xbox Series X. Thus, the American giant confirms that it is working on many next-gen exclusives, in addition to Halo Infinite, but also wishes to preserve the "backward compatible" side of the Xbox One. As of its launch, the Xbox Series X will be backward compatible with the three previous generations of Xbox.

So, according to Microsoft: "More than 100,000 hours of tests have already been carried out, thousands of titles are already playable on Xbox Series X today and this selection goes from big budget games to essential classics, including shots heart of the community. "

This is great news for players, not to mention the fact that when the console launched at the end of the year, "The team will have spent more than 200,000 hours ensuring that your library can follow you safely if you decide to take the next generation step. "

Improved backward compatibility on Xbox Series X

With its next console, Microsoft not only wants to allow players to enjoy their old games, but the American giant also wants them to rediscover their games in a whole new light. Backwards compatible games will be able to go beyond their limits, with in particular reduced loading times, better resolution, better frame rate…

Even better, the console will automatically activate HDR mode, including on Xbox 360 games and even first generation Xbox. Finally, the function Quick Resume will also apply to backward compatible games.

Microsoft is going even further by announcing that it is working on other innovations that could double the number of frames per second, thereby increasing certain games from 30 to 60 fps, but also from 60 to 120 fps. Suffice to say that we can't wait to test all of this.