FablePerfect DarkEverwild. Between them, these games have managed to shine bright lights in the eyes of Xbox gamers. They are hands down among the most anticipated titles to come to Xbox Series X / S. However, for a few hours, a rumor has circulated around them.

According to Christopher Dring, head of GamesIndustry, the games are only in the early stages of development. Their release date would be so long ago that they could arrive “on the next Xbox”.

“The next Xbox”

It was during VGC’s last podcast that Christopher Dring dropped a little bombshell. As the debate over the remake of The Last Of Us and Sony’s obsession with showcasing its blockbusters drew to a close, the head of GamesIndustry concluded in style. He said that the releases of Fable, Perfect Dark and Everwild were so far away that the games could only arrive on the next console.

Translation of the passage by C.Dring:

“I have an Xbox Series X, I love it. I love the PS5 and love to play on my PlayStation 5 because I have loads of exclusive games that I don’t have on my Xbox. And when you look at Xbox, they have some great studios with some amazing games coming up. But, I had a few conversations with friends in Xbox studios. The games they announced like Everwild, Perfect Dark, Fable are so far away… It’s that there might even be a new Xbox when these games come out. [en rigolant]. As a midrange upgrade rather than a new model. They are so far … […] you mentioned Hideo Kojima and all that, I wonder if Xbox is looking for, getting involved and signing some games at the moment, because they don’t have a big exclusive line-up at all at the moment ”.

“The Next Xbox” has caused quite a stir. In reality, Christopher Dring is only referring to a mid-gen model like the One X and PS4 Pro. The interesting point to make is whether Dring is hinting at this, because he’s heard things, or if he is speculating that an intermediate model will eventually happen (although it’s not really a secret) .

In any case, according to the sources of the head of GamesIndustry, who are directly the developers of Microsoft studios, Fable, Perfect Dark and Everwild are not about to arrive. We can easily imagine an exit for 2024, 2025 or even 2026.


Following the magnitude of the proportions following these statements, Christopher Dring confirmed on Twitter that he was absolutely not talking about an “Xbox Next-Gen” and “7 years of waiting”. As we were able to tell you this weekend in our original article, the reporter was referring to a mid-gen console (like the Xbox One X and Xbox One S).

Indeed. People misinterpreted the initial tweet to suggest that I am talking about a 7 year wait for these games. This is obviously ridiculous. I was half joking about the “new Xbox,” although we might have a revised model by the time they’re all out. Perhaps.

The “maybe” at the end of the tweet remains intriguing. Does Christopher Dring confirm that the games could arrive in 3/4 years?