With the containment measures decided everywhere, one could imagine that consumers are turning more to video games. This is now confirmed by a study by Nielsen Games.

The institute interviewed 3000 players in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. The figures are impressive since for the week of March 23 to 29, time spent playing increased by 38% in France. The United States did even better with an increase of 45%, followed by the United Kingdom: 29%, and Germany with an increase of 20%.

Steam breaks attendance records

In these times of social distancing, players are fond of online multiplayer games. This practice is up 12% in France, 29% in the USA and 17% in the United Kingdom. As noted by Hollywood Reporter, we note an anomaly for France where the practice of local multiplayer is increasing by 9%. It is not recommended because of the risk of transmission of the virus, but one can imagine that these are games in the family or between roommates.

Finally, players report spending more money than before on video games. This particular moment sees a collapse of physical purchases with the closure of shops. In contrast, the digital market is doing well. Overall, 23% of respondents say they buy digital games more often than in the past.

This study confirms the information that had reached us previously. Steam, for example, broke its attendance record with more than 20 million players connected simultaneously. Faced with this influx of visitors, players must also adapt to avoid congestion in their own services and the Internet. This is particularly the case of Sony which announced the decrease in the speed of downloading games on PlayStation Plus.