The Premier League finally has a recovery date. British championship teams will return to the field on June 17 after three months of hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. Due to sanitary measures, however, this return will take place behind closed doors, which poses a real headache for the organizers.

The silence can indeed be quite disturbing for spectators accustomed to the hot atmospheres of match days. To make up for this shortfall, the broadcaster Sky Sports has decided to team up with the EA Sports teams working on FIFA 20 to recreate sound effects and chants that reproduce the atmosphere of a Premier League match.

Similar experiences in Germany and Japan

This functionality would be offered to subscribers on an optional basis. The channel is also preparing other options to make monitoring matches more enjoyable and immersive. Users will thus be able to follow meetings virtually with their friends and interact, their actions will have an influence on the noise of the false public.

Questioned by The Verge, Rob Webster, the general manager of the sports of the chain returned on this device: “ We want Sky Sports viewers to always experience the games intensely and have the best experience possible – even if they can't be in the stadiums or watching with family and friends. "

British television is not alone in initiating this type of project. His German counterpart Sky Deutschland does the same for the Bundesliga. A team of several people collect songs from previous meetings to try to recreate the atmosphere in a realistic way. Yamaha has also created a device to reproduce the reactions of a live audience using a mobile application.

There is no shortage of innovative ideas and should allow fans in need of feeling to hang in there until they can really find the stands.