This weekend, we learned that Sony was preparing its response to the famous Xbox Game Pass from Microsoft. According to the creator of the God of War license, PlayStation should also follow suit. What if it involved a merger of all of Sony’s services? And not just in video games?

A merger between Sony Pictures and PlayStation?

PlayStation Competitor Game Pass

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It was during a recent podcast on the Xbox Era channel that the insider Shpeshal Ed spoke about Sony’s strategy. Lately, he was noticed by revealing some information in preview such as the purchase of Gearbox or the arrival of Final Fantasy VII Remake on the PlayStation Plus.

According to Shpeshal Ed, PlayStation is not developing a strategy like the Xbox Game Pass, but rather like the Apple One. More specifically, Sony would consider grouping all of its content in a single pack. This would therefore concern the offer of PlayStation Now, PlayStation Plus, but also the services of Sony Pictures Entertainment or Sony Funimation. Still according to the insider, the idea would be to bring together video games, films, and television in a single multimedia offer. Unfortunately, Shpeshal Ed clarifies that he doesn’t know when this might be announced by Sony.

The question now is whether Sony will offer only one global offer, or whether it will be possible to create our own “packages” in order to adapt the price according to the services that interest us.

Long before David Jaffe’s statement this week, Jim Ryan had confirmed that there were things in preparation. The president of Sony Interactive Entertainment specified all the same that the PS Now was the subscription service currently in place and that the other things would not happen immediately.

In the meantime, PlayStation Now is available for € 9.99 per month, allowing unlimited access to over 700 games. The PS Plus is also present at 8.99 € per month, allowing to play online on PS4 and PS5 and to grab games for free every month. In April, Oddworld: Soulstorm, Days Gone and Zombie Army 4: Dead War are on the program.