Model H

An imposing size, an overflowing autonomy and a power likely to compete with the best electrics on the market: the SUV Model H, unveiled by the American manufacturer Triton Solar, has enough to turn more than one head.

Unknown in our regions, the firm from across the Atlantic Triton Solar monopolizes the media spotlights at the end of April 2020. And this thanks to the presentation of its electric SUV with very advanced technical specifications, the Model H What is more than the others? Autonomy close to 1,126 kilometers thanks to its 200 kWh battery, promising here the largest radius of action in the sector.

An enticing technical sheet

The dimensions of the Model H – 5.68 meters long, 2.05 meters wide and 1.88 meters high – do not impact its acceleration: 2.9 seconds are enough for this 1,500 horsepower machine to reach 96 km / h, all supported by four-wheel drive. An intelligent suspension also lowers the height of the automobile on fast tracks, so as to optimize its aerodynamics.

Model H

In addition to the flush door handles and a retractable step installed at the rocker panel, the Model H is fitted with a curved touch screen located between the driver and the front passenger. A way for users to access a slew of features, from air conditioning to radio, via the agenda or the opening of the panoramic glass roof, we learned from the press release.

What reliability?

On paper, the Model H sells dreams. Except that Triton Solar, according to the photos published on its official site, does not seem to have yet designed a successful prototype. Its technical sheet certainly feeds many hopes, but is it really viable? The specifics announced, particularly autonomy, appear to be very advanced.

The fact remains that the electric SUV is available for pre-orders, on the condition of paying a deposit of 5,000 dollars, which precedes a larger sum of 135,000 dollars to finalize the final purchase.

Source: press release