You can spend hours on Twitch watching talented streamers and chatting with the community. It is a very enriching experience and it can even do a lot of good in the period of confinement that we are experiencing. As always on the Internet, these good times can be spoiled by toxic elements whose behavior can sometimes even turn into much more serious forms of harassment.

Twitch gives broadcasters more power

It has long been possible to ban this type of individual, but they return fairly easily, for example by creating new accounts. To combat this phenomenon, Twitch has decided to use a more advanced technique called "shadowban". The company explained this on its Twitter account:

Your well-being is important. We are taking steps to improve it, starting with your peace of mind. Blocking users now removes them from your subscriber list. Users who ban channels will remove them from your chat list so that you do not see them again.

Concretely, if an individual trolls a streamer or posts insulting messages in the chat, the latter or one of the moderators can decide to ban it. If he had the idea to recreate a new account, his maneuver would fail because his IP address would have been recognized. He may well post his messages on the chat, except that his publications will only be visible by himself.

Devin Nash from N3RDFUSION, a fairly recognized channel on Twitch, expressed his satisfaction on Twitter : " I'm glad they give broadcasters more power. These new tools allow us to control the toxicity of our communities with more reliability. "

However, the effectiveness of this device will have to be judged on paper as the imagination of trolls to get around blockages is limitless.