Twitter is very close to launching an important improvement that will surely delight users. If so far we have been able to follow specific users, after months of testing the microblogging social network will allow the tracking of complete Topics.

It is a movement similar to the one that Instagram carried out in its day, so that we could follow not only specific accounts, but we could also follow hastags. Now Twitter, make a similar move with which They want to strengthen the use of the social network.

Less accounts to follow

Twitter Themes

The possibility of following topics on Twitter is something that will not take long to materialize, as the company has announced that it will begin to implement it shortly so that it is available worldwide starting November 13.

The goal of topics is to help people use Twitter as one more tool to be informed in what happens every day. Something that Rob Bishop reported, one of those responsible for the Issues team.

"We know that the main reason people come to Twitter is to keep abreast of the things that interest them. The challenge is that it is quite difficult to do it on Twitter day by day."

Twitter users They will be able to choose from among more than 300 themes so that users will have access to specific topics without the need to follow separate accounts that publish related content. You can see tweets about these account topics that we don't follow.

Over time Twitter plans to expand the number of "Themes" that we can follow as a filter so that we will not have to follow many accounts to be aware of all those that interest us and in this way not have a timeline Almost endless every time we open Twitter.

Source | The verge