Many weeks before the release of the PS5, rumors were circulating around in an alternative color for the DualSense. Unfortunately, since the arrival of the console, Sony has not offered other colors for its controller and the rumors have even subsided. At least, until the last few hours!

According to the Spanish site AreaJugones, Sony is preparing to release two new colors for the PS5 pad in the coming weeks!

DualSense PS5: In red and black… And gray!

DualSense Controller Red

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According to AreaJugones, which ensures its information from an internal source at Sony, the firm should launch “very soon” new colors for the DualSense PS5. A first red and black model and a second gray and black. The site is not at its first leak around Sony, which makes the information more credible. In addition, the original article has not been available for a few hours on Spanish media.

Eurogamer also relayed the rumor which remains to be taken with a grain of salt. However, this is not surprising and Sony has a habit of offering many colors for its controllers from the PlayStation 2. The summer period is fast approaching with E3, but especially the Summer Game Fest (since Sony will not attend E3). Would a new speech from the Japanese firm around the PS5 be expected in June (or July)?

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In any case, this will be an opportunity for Sony to catch up with Microsoft, which already offers six colors for its Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controllers with black, white, blue, red, electric green and camouflage red!

The DualSense PS5 recently received a stability update to improve haptic vibrations with backward compatible PS4 games. feel free to read or reread our full review on this revolutionary controller which clearly represents the next-gen according to PlayStation… On condition that the developers play the game in the future!