Announced in 2017 as a fairly ambitious project, Ubisoft’s Avatar game remains a great mystery today. Very little information, no official image, not the slightest trailer. According to the latest information, the game is scheduled for the year 2022 or 2023 without further details.

But for several months now, we have had no news of this very mysterious game to the point of not knowing if it is still in development or not. Fortunately, thanks recent announcements from LucasFilm Games with the game Indiana Jones, but above all the new open world Star Wars game, we now know that the game Avatar is well under development and that it will benefit from a special graphics engine.

Avatar and Star Wars hand in hand

Ubisoft Massive Avatar Game

© Massive Entertainment

This week, when Ubisoft announced the new Star Wars game, many fans were surprised to see the project awarded to the teams at Massive Entertainment, the studio behind the The Division license, but above all the studio that must be take care of the long-awaited Avatar game.

Following this announcement, many players feared a cancellation of the Avatar Project or bad news. But Ubisoft reassures us through David Polfeldt, CEO of Massive who gives us good news:

We have been preparing the studio for a long time so that we can manage all our projects with equal attention. Since all of our teams work with the Snowdrop engine, all projects benefit from each other’s progress and success. And obviously, with such a meeting of AAA projects under one roof, we are continuously recruiting, and we are currently looking for experienced developers from all over the world to join us on our future adventures.

The Avatar project is therefore still in development and it will always be in the coming months alongside the next Star Wars game. Both games will benefit as well as the Snowdrop house engine developed by Massive Entertainment and which has been able to prove itself on The Division.

In any case, the next few months will be busy for the Ubisoft studio even if the two games are not expected for several years.