UFC Que Choisir also has joy-con concerns

Remember, a few weeks ago, we talked about press-lemon the concern that affects some controllers Nintendo Switch, a problem called "joy-drift". A concern that touches the detachable handles of the Switch "classic", but which is also part of the recent Switch Lite, which is even more problematic …

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On the side of the association UFC Que Choisir, we decided to give Nintendo notice to proceed with the free repair of the defective joy-con. According to the association, this is not a technical problem, but a planned obsolescence.

" These failures appear a few months after the purchase, whatever the profile of the player (age, frequency of use …) " thus indicates UFC Que Choisir. On the Nintendo side, there is already a program for free replacement / repair of the joy-con in question, under a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

Beyond, it is imperative to go through the " repair package Set up by Nintendo, which amounts to 45 euros. Note that in case of refusal, the customer must pay 15 euros to recover his defective controller, or let Nintendo destroy the product …

An attack soon?

Thus, according to the consumer association, Nintendo knowingly leaves defective controllers on the market, so that it can bill out-of-warranty model repairs. We thought that Nintendo would take advantage of its Switch Lite to review the same design of analog sticks, to avoid any concern, but this was ultimately not the case. UFC Que Choisir has already announced that it will sue Nintendo if the group does not react quickly.

The association even invites consumers who are victims of this fault to complete a call to testify to share their experience on this failure and the possible support proposed by Nintendo.

On our side, despite a Nintendo Switch from March 3, 2017, with two additional joy-con, and a Nintendo Switch Lite acquired on September 20, no problem type "joy-con drift" is to be deplored. In some players, the problem came late, in others, including Switch Lite, the concern manifested itself from the first days of use … To see what will be the reaction of Nintendo France against this subject obviously more and more delicate.