Nintendo Switch goes to version 10.0.0

Nintendo Switch players have been able to download a brand new update for their favorite console for a few hours. The firmware 10.0.0 has indeed just been put online by Nintendo, and unlike many previous updates, this new version brings some rather welcome new features.

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The first good news is that it is now possible to transfer software data between the console memory and an SD card. In other words, players can transfer games, update data and downloadable content from the console’s internal memory to the SD card (the reverse is also possible). Note however that " some data May be incompatible with this transfer function.

Change the button configuration?

The update also allows players to freely modify the configuration of the buttons of the joy-con controllers, but also of the Switch Pro controller, without forgetting the Nintendo Switch Lite of course. From the console settings, you can personalize the controls and save the custom configurations. Nintendo specifies: " On each console, you can save up to five custom configurations for the Joy-Con (G), five for the Joy-Con (D), and five for the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. It is also possible to save five configurations as favorites for the Nintendo Switch Lite. "

No luck, however, for those who hoped to finally see the feature allowing to create files to classify its games (as on PS4 for example), since the latter still does not seem to be on the agenda at Nintendo.

In addition, there are new user icons, straight from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a new section " Game history settings "In Settings, not to mention the usual" overall improvement in console stability for an optimal user experience."