Available worldwide since November 10, 2020, the Xbox Series X marks a very good start to the generation for Microsoft with very satisfactory sales. The latest addition to the American firm quickly established itself as the best-selling Xbox console during a launch. The demand is so great that the Xbox Series X risks to be out of stock until this summer according to Microsoft.

Despite this success, Microsoft does not intend to rely on its achievements. During a recent podcast, Jason Ronald, director of development at Xbox, shared that there are exciting new things coming to the latest consoles.

“Lots of really exciting things to come” on Xbox

During a long exchange of about an hour in the last podcast of “Major Nelson”, Jason Ronald, the director of development at Xbox explained that the Microsoft teams are in a phase of “rest” since the launch of the. latest consoles. This phase of calm allows the teams to think about the future and many updates that will keep Xbox fans happy.

The development teams at Xbox are relying on player feedback from the Series X and Series S releases to be able to create updates that will meet their expectations.

As a team, we are really excited about the response from fans around the world. The launch, we tell ourselves all the time internally, is really just the beginning. We have a lot of really exciting things to come over the next few months and years to come.

Xbox teams would therefore have “a lot of really exciting things to come” on Xbox Series X and Series S. Something to arouse our curiosity. Simple communication blow? Or real novelties? In the meantime, Microsoft is working on fixing issues with the functionality of Quick Resume. An option allowing to switch games and applications instantly and resume them when desired without having to restart the game or application in question.

We had to disable Quick Resume on some titles in the launch window. The team worked really hard to be able to reactivate these titles so that people have a good experience on all titles.

The novelties should not delay any longer since according to Jason Ronald, Xbox Insider members should “soon start to see some of these experiences”.

These are all areas that are high priority for us as we are looking at future updates over the next few months and you may start to see some of these experiences very soon in the Insider program.

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To stay in the area of ​​updates, Microsoft has clarified that the bug with Xbox Series X / S controllers will be fixed soon. This update should arrive in the next weeks.