On April 1, we almost believed in the arrival of a Lidl console, this time it’s very serious, Valve plans to unveil its competitor to the Nintendo Switch. Valve, which is particularly known for being the forerunner and leader in the digital distribution of video games, with its Steam platform.

First of all, let’s recall the context. In 2017, when Nintendo unveils the Switch, the console immediately encounters immense competition since it does not face any real competition. Indeed, this hybrid console with a sedentary and nomadic mode does not seek to compete directly with the PlayStation or the Xbox, it is aimed at a much larger audience. To date, there is no console that can claim to offer the same functionality as the Nintendo Switch.

Steam is not at its first attempt

Seeing this, Valve begins to imagine some sort of Steam-compatible laptop largely inspired by the Switch. This is not the first time that Steam has tried to enter the gaming hardware market. In 2014, we were able to witness the launch of the Steam Machines or Steam Box, these were home game consoles manufactured by third-party companies with specifications managed by Valve. Unfortunately, the expected success was not there, just as it was with the Steam Link or Steam Controller projects.

However, Valve is not just accumulating failures, the company is reaping some success with the Valve Index, a virtual reality headset launched in June 2019. So let’s hope that its new “console” project follows this momentum. By digging through the Steam code, curious people were able to discover the existence of a name used on numerous occasions: “Steam Pal”.

According to initial information, it could be a device largely inspired by the Nintendo Switch with a central touch screen, and controllers placed on the sides. Unlike the Switch, these controllers would not be detachable, a bit like the PSP, or the Switch Lite ultimately. There are still many details unknown, but Gabe Newell, the co-founder of Valve, seems to be planning to tell us more in the coming weeks.