Electric car

It's official, the " retrofits », Or the conversion of thermal vehicles to electric, is now legal in France!

Obviously, the ministerial decree comes with various restrictions, and the whole will be the subject of a complete assessment in two years.

The " retrofits »Authorized in France

It is therefore now officially possible to transform a thermal car (category M or N) into a 100% electric vehicle, provided however that the original model is more than five years old (at the date of conversion).

Austin mini electric

For category L vehicles (mopeds, quadricycles, etc.), this same period has been reduced to three years. Useless however to hope to electrify your vintage car or your favorite agricultural machine, these are not taken into account in the decree.

Of course, the electrical conversion (or " retrofits ”) Must be carried out by an authorized professional, who may opt for a battery or fuel cell motorization. Allow around 10,000 euros for the conversion of a vehicle.

Various installers in France

A few weeks ago, we already mentioned on Clubic this " retrofits ", Which was finally formalized only this Friday, April 3.

Renault Twingo Electric

Note that a French start-up, Transition-One, is already specialized in the transformation of thermal vehicles into electric vehicles. This is particularly the case with the Renault Twingo II.

In two years, this new electrical conversion will be subject to a full assessment, which will allow in particular to make changes to the text, if this is deemed necessary. We will then be able to discover the number of transformations carried out, the list of approved installers or even the various concerns encountered by customers.

Source: Capital