Available for just a few days, the new Sony PS5 is generally the happiness of its first buyers. However, for some, the PS5 is quite capricious, with sometimes a recalcitrant disk drive (as on Xbox Series X), untimely freezes, updates that are difficult to install, games that erase from the SSD , or even a particularly noisy ventilation system …

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A fan problem on some PS5s?

Indeed, some PS5 owners report a concern related to the ventilation of the system. The latter then emits a very marked noise, very regular, and which was manifested when the machine was first switched on. An obvious malfunction of the PS5, since the latter, when operating optimally, is particularly quiet.

On the home side Franck_Supercell, we decided to take matters into our own hands, by dismantling the new generation console from Sony. The latter was thus able to discover that a label protruded slightly at the level of the fan, a bit like when we wedged a small piece of cardboard in the spokes of the rear wheel of our bike, to say ” a motorcycle noise“.

Just removing the tag immediately fixed the problem, and the PS5 went completely silent again. Obviously, taking apart your PS5 requires not only certain tools, but also some confidence in your DIY skills. As indicated Gamespot, disassembling the PS5 can also cause the manufacturer’s warranty (2 years) to be waived on the console.

Remember that the PS5 is available in two versions, namely a standard edition, at 499 €, but also in “Digital” edition, at only 399 €.