Since the start of the pandemic, a good number of platforms have observed a strong increase in the use of their respective services. And for good reason, a large part of the world’s population is still confined to their homes, so that people who can continue to work do so directly from their homes while others turn to watching content.

Video conferencing applications have seen an increase in their use, such as Zoom, Google Meet and Teams, whether for professional or personal purposes.

For their part, the video streaming services made the same observation, so much so that Netflix really exploded its number of new subscribers in the previous quarter by exceeding 15.8 million for a total of 182.9 million users around the world. Streaming on platforms like that of the American leader is not the only one concerned, because the containment has also impacted the streaming of video games.

Twitch, big winner of containment

The live streaming sector would have increased by 45% between March and April, according to StreamElements and The Verge also reports strong Twitch growth with a 50% increase between March and April, 101% from the previous year. That's 1.645 billion hours of viewing per month. The category Just chatting exceeded 134 million hours of viewing in April, more than League of Legends and Fortnite games.

It was this point that must have led Twitch to focus even more on attracting users who are not necessarily gamer on its platform. To do this, the service plans to focus on the dissemination of original interactive content based on successful themes such as dating or games.

However, Twitch is not the only containment winner, as Facebook Gaming also experienced this same leap over the period. Growth between March and April was 72%, an increase of 238% over last year. As for YouTube Gaming, it reports an increase of 14% between March and April and 65% compared to 2019.

However, it will still be necessary to wait for the end of the containment of many countries to see if this period resists a gradual return to normal in the months to come. For its part, Netflix is ​​already expecting a stagnation in the number of its new subscribers.