Volkswagen ID.3

© Volkswagen

In a statement released Thursday, March 12, Volkswagen confirms that the market launch of its compact electric, the ID.3, will take place next summer.

The manufacturer also gives some additional information. This new model will be " as cheap »Than the Life version of its Golf.

Cheaper than the new Golfs

This is in any case what the brand says in its announcement, where it states that " the basic version with a range of 330 kilometers costs less than € 23,430 in Germany, after deduction of the environmental premium. So it's at least as cheap as comparable models like the Golf Life " Like the Autoblog tip, the price difference will be 2,470 euros and 3,360 euros compared to other versions of the Golf.

Still according to him, driving the ID.3 will also save 840 euros per year compared to a thermal vehicle, in particular thanks to cheaper insurance and the absence of certain maintenance costs, such as the oil to change. A figure which would join the study carried out by UFC-Que Choisir in 2018, but which still depends on German subsidies. Silke Bagschick, the electric mobility marketing manager at Volkswagen, said the brand wanted to move towards vehicles that are available " at an attractive price »Even without subsidies.

MEB platform ahead

As CleanTechnica reports, Volkswagen has been the subject of rumors that the ID.3 will be delayed in deliveries due to software reasons. The publication of the press release is a response from the brand, which specifies: " During production, an updated version of the software will first be transferred to the vehicle. During the following months, the digital functions will be regularly updated " A way for Volkswagen to reassure without fully confirming the rumors. He also wants all 30,000 pre-ordered vehicles across Europe to be delivered " almost " at the same time.

With ID.3, but also with ID.R, Volkswagen intends to disseminate its new MEB platform more widely, which must also equip future brand electric vehicles. Moreover, the newly revealed ID.4 will also have one.

Source: CleanTechnica