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In a statement released Wednesday, April 15, Volkswagen gives details of the gradual resumption of its European facilities. This has already started in several cities in Germany and Poland.

The group also announces plans to reopen by the end of April, and others in the month of May.

Germany, then Europe, then the rest of the world

According to the press release, the successive restart of its factories has already started: it started on April 6 in the German cities of Brunswick and Kassel. They were followed on April 14 by those of Hanover, Salzgitter and Chemnitz as well as by other installations located in Poland.

Other factories are scheduled to resume operations in the coming weeks. The establishments in Zwickau and Bratislava, Slovakia, are due to reopen the week of April 20. This recovery must then affect more countries inside and outside Europe: during the week of April 27, Volkswagen plans to reopen its Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and American facilities. Finally, in May, production should resume in South Africa, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

According to the brand, this gradual recovery is " important to guarantee the supply of sites abroad. We now have to restart the entire production network while taking full protective measures and supplying the vehicle factories of the various groups with components " Bernd Osterloh, chairman of the works council, said Volkswagen had put in place a hundred measures to " keep the risk of infection as low as possible "

German deconfinement

Volkswagen, which plans to produce 1.5 million electric vehicles over the next five years, therefore wants to meet its deadlines. Until 2025, the group intends to deliver 250,000 each year.

According to the brand, this takeover will be in accordance with the “deconfinement” measures applied by each country. She declares that " conditions have been established for a gradual resumption of production ", Adding that" in addition to developing a comprehensive catalog of measures to protect the health of our employees, we have also accelerated the recovery of our supply chains "

As Reuters reports, Volkswagen is not the only German automaker to have started resuming production. Mercedes-Benz also announced that its factories in Hamburg, Berlin and Untertuerkheim will resume operations next week.

Germany has never banned auto production under the new coronavirus, although the automakers have decided to shut down following containment measures. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday April 15 that the country had won a " fragile intermediate success Faced with the virus, and that partial reopening of schools and businesses would begin next week.

Source: Volkswagen