Volkswagen ID.3

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Herbert Diess, P.-D.G. of Volkswagen, admits in an internal note that Tesla has a considerable lead on the software part of its autonomous cars and that the German group is struggling to catch up.

Between collecting data from its electric vehicles, using the smartphone to remotely control many functions and regular updates, the user experience at Tesla is constantly evolving.

Volkswagen has a long way to go to reach Tesla

It is Herbert Diess who says it in an internal note for the attention of the senior executives of the brand. Tesla's technological advance over other automakers would give him headaches.

While he faces software problems for the launch of ID.3 in the coming months, he decided to reorganize this part of the German group to catch up and upgrade its embedded systems.

Users seem to like the Tesla interface on the central screen. They also appreciate the regular evolution of their car thanks to remote updates and the extension of the experience via their smartphone.

Better than test vehicles, Tesla's neural network

Tesla has a huge advantage over its competitors by collecting data from each of the brand's cars to develop its autonomous driving features.

Herbert Diess also expresses it in the internal note that the German magazine Automobilwoche was able to obtain: " What worries me most are the capabilities of the assistance systems. 500,000 Teslas function as a neural network which continuously collects data and offers the customer a new driving experience every 14 days with improved properties. No other automaker can do it today "

Tesla has already been able to collect the equivalent of almost 5 billion km of data with its AutoPilot mode, and thanks to all the brand's cars in circulation.

Volkswagen ID.3

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Tesla Motors is currently valued at twice the Volkswagen group

Finally, Herbert Diess presented the group's senior managers with a graph illustrating the valuation of Volkswagen, which is half that of Tesla. And adding: And this despite our prestigious brands like Porsche, Audi, VW, Bentley and others "

This is probably explained by the fact that Tesla is primarily perceived by financial analysts as being a software company …

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