VW eGolf

© Volkswagen

After announcing recently the end of its production, Volkswagen decides to relaunch the production of the electric version of its Golf until the fall, the time that the ID.3, which will replace it takes its cruising speed, at early fall.

While the German manufacturer resolves the latest software bugs in its new ID.3 for its official launch this summer, production from its predecessor, the e-Golf, has been restarted to meet CO standards2 in Europe.

Volkswagen e-Golf sold over 100,000 copies worldwide

Although it is at the end of its career, e-Golf is still selling well. It even managed to beat the Tesla Model 3 in February 2020 with 3,692 copies sold, against just under 3,500 for the latter. The mark of 100,000 copies sold was also crossed in December 2019.

Recently, the e-Golf had bowed out to make way for its replacement in the new Volkswagen electric range, however, to meet the CO quotas2 imposed by Europe, the manufacturer has decided to continue production of its electric Golf until September 2020. Deliveries will be made until November or December of this year according to the pace imposed by orders.

To facilitate the sale of this model, the manufacturer from Wolfsburg offers significant discounts, despite a drop in price of around € 4,000 a year ago. In addition, the first copies of ID.3 have started to be produced, and the company plans to deliver the 30,000 copies of the limited edition ID.3 1St simultaneously to all of its European customers.

Source: Electrek