new Volkswagen logo

The German manufacturer presents a logo with a thinner, flatter line and no drop shadow. It supports the arrival of new models of electric cars from Volkswagen.

A subtle redesign of its unadorned VW logo, which goes to basics. This simplification will also make it possible to illuminate it on the grille of new vehicles. Moreover, it will also be highlighted on the front of the brand's concessions.

A new logo, a new page that turns for Volkswagen

Barely out of Dieselgate, Volkswagen is turning the page to enter the world of electric and digital motorization with its new range called ID, the first models of which should arrive in a few months. Details on ID.4 have notably been revealed recently.

Volkswagen design boss Klaus Bischoff said: The name change also brings Volkswagen into the digital age, transforming our classic logo into a brand that is easily displayed digitally on devices and apps. "

This new logo is being rolled out worldwide, and should be present in more than 150 countries by the middle of 2020.

VW Coronavirus logo

In another vein, a version of the Volkswagen logo “special coronavirus” encouraging social distancing has been created by the brand. A modification possible thanks to the simplification of the new VW logo.

Source: The Drive