Audi logo

The German brands Volkswagen, Mercedes and Audi have, in recent weeks, lifted the veil on slightly reworked logos: all are intended to encourage respect for the social distancing imposed during the coronavirus pandemic.

When the flagships of cars across the Rhine play the awareness card. Also affected by the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), Germany continues to fight against this global health crisis. To do this, the Volkswagen, Mercedes and Audi brands have slightly changed their respective logos, which now highlight the social distancing to be respected during confinement.

Dwarf star

The first named thus discarded its emblematic letters "v" and "w", now separated by a large space, when the second simply reduced the size of its star whose points no longer touch the circular arch. That of Audi has undergone the most profound transformation: the rings of the firm, which represent the union of the companies Audi, DKW, Wanderer and Horch, have all been separated and placed independently.

Volkswagen logo

Mercedes logo