While the magazine already assures that TSMC is at full power on the future A15 Bionic chips for the iPhone 12S, DigiTimes has just announced that their connected watch equivalent would for its part be entitled to a double-sided printing. Let’s start with a quick explanation of this process, which has never been used before on Apple Watch products before.

To understand this, you must first know that conventional processors, taking the form of a two-dimensional plane, are in fact printed on one side. But with the so-called technology double-sided in English, it is possible to install transistors on both sides. As a result, the manufacturer needs half the area and can therefore use a more compact card.

More room for other components?

Likewise, if the CPU is smaller than before, this can then mean that the manufacturer has the possibility of rethinking the arrangement of the different parts of his watch. And who better than the battery, the source of much criticism, to take advantage of it? We already know that it has every chance of being revised upwards on the iPhone 12S side, so why not with the Apple Watch Series 7.

The previous version, for its part, sticks to 303.8 mAh. But this is not enough for many, because this number would only last until eighteen hours. And again: these are obviously official figures, which contrast with the actual conditions of use where greedy programs and the brightness adjustment can greatly change the situation. Not including the screen always-on, of course.

Better sleep tracking

With the announcement of watchOS 7, the operating system of the Apple Watch Series 6, its developer introduced a much anticipated feature: sleep tracking. Except that as the tocante cannot last twenty-four hours on in a row, most users take advantage of the night to recharge it. And are therefore unable to rely on sleep monitoring to improve their well-being.

But with a bigger battery and thanks to the double-sided processor, the problem may be on the way to being solved. See you at the potential keynote at the end of September 2021 to get to the bottom of it.

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By: Keleops AG