After the first charges launched last December against Apple for patent infringement, AliveCor has once again stepped up to the plate. The American company, which markets connected objects to record ECGs, has already raised more than one hundred and fifty million dollars. Its last table everything – dating from November – included Qualcomm as an investor: it is the manufacturer of the majority of processors for Android smartphones.

HealthTech thus announced, on Tuesday, April 20, that it had approached the ITC to assert its rights. Under this acronym is in fact theInternational Trade Commission, an organization in charge of regulating commercial markets in and outside the United States. If for the moment it is impossible to know what will be the outcome of these lawsuits, it is however very likely that the Apple lobbyists are already hard at work to try to thwart the plans of their opponent.

What is reproached to Apple

The motivations behind this promising major affair are in fact linked to three AliveCor products whose technologies have been copied by Apple. The first is SmartRythm. This application, coupled with the watch band KardiaBand of the same brand, allowed continuous monitoring of the heartbeat. When it was released in 2017, the accessory marked a small revolution because the Cupertino watch did not yet offer all the sensors that are now found on the Series 6.

Other “victims”: the KardiaMobile and the KardiaMobile 6L, two items that retail for $ 89 and $ 149, respectively. Relatively compact, these two ECGs whose design recalls that of the Siri Remote only ask to put your fingers on them to detect a potential atrial fibrillation, in just a few seconds. Operation relatively similar to the Watch there too, therefore.

Ban des Watch in Washington?

One of the stated objectives behind the steps taken by AliveCor would be to purely and simply revoke the authorization to market Apple connected watches. Several models are thus targeted, including Series 4 and Series 5. The latter ships the same hull as its SE version, and can still be found in some shops for a price around four hundred euros.