If iOS 15 is tipped to bring new health features on the food and nutrition side, with watchOS 8, Apple would like to offer something to improve the mental health of users.

Indeed, it was found in the Apple Store a new reference for an Apple watchOS app: “Mind”.

The English word “Mind” can be translated into French as the word “Esprit”. Many analysts therefore predict that this Mind app should focus on the mental well-being of users, possibly with exercises in meditation, relaxation, stress management, emotion management, etc.

Remember that on Apple Watch, there is already the “Breathe” application which wants to encourage users to relax for several tens of seconds by concentrating on their breathing.

The new Mind application could therefore take over from this “Breathe” app with something to go even further in the field of psychological well-being. This is what announced Mark Gurman of Blommberg, a journalist very followed for his predictions often correct about Apple.

With the Mind app, Apple could also introduce a new app for contacts in watchOS 8.

The Californian firm will certainly tell us more this evening, during its traditional WWDC Keynote. You will be able to follow the announcements with us, thanks to our live text already in place here.

And find there the potential program of the Apple Event.

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By: Keleops AG