Apple has just released its new iPhone, the SE. A compact model at a reduced price, but with powerful technical characteristics, some of which are comparable to the iPhone 11. A small comparison between two models that are not always opposed …

In 2016, Apple released the iPhone SE, a low-cost model, offering a device with a more sober and compact design than its contemporaries, but with almost similar technology. After the success of this model, the apple brand has decided to do it again in 2020, releasing the second generation of iPhone SE, which is based on exactly the same principle.

Six months after the release of the iPhone 11, it is therefore a new model that has arrived in the hands of users. While some rumors announced that it was finally going to be called iPhone 9, and thus fill a space left vacant in the numbering of iPhone, it is indeed a new SE which arrived. Suddenly, some people nickname it “SE 2”, or even “SE 2020”. So, what are the differences between the iPhone 11 and the iPhone SE?


The first difference is obvious. The screen of the iPhone 11 is 6.1 inches, compared to 4.7 for the iPhone SE. A logical departure, the principle of the SE range being to offer more compact devices. Moreover, the design of this new SE simply resumes that of the iPhone 8, with wide borders, but also the return of the Touch ID button to unlock the device, or especially the famous central button, which will delight the nostalgic. . While on the iPhone 11 side, everything goes through touch, and the device is unlocked with Face ID.

The camera

This is another notable difference. The iPhone 11 accommodates two sensors on its standard version, and even three on the iPhone 11 Pro versions, while the iPhone SE only has a single 12-megapixel sensor. This is sufficient for normal use, but necessarily limits more capacities than with the iPhone 11, which offers for example an optical zoom x2 in addition, as well as the night world. The screen rendering will also be quite different, with the iPhone 11 having Liquid Retina HD, and the iPhone SE “only” having Retina HD.

The power

This is where the iPhone SE is impressive. Because it was equipped with the A13 Bionic chip, the most powerful on the market, and the same which equips … the iPhone 11. The power of the two devices is therefore equal, and the component allows great fluidity of navigation and speed of execution of absolutely remarkable tasks.

The price

This is obviously where the biggest difference is made (if not, what’s the point of releasing a new model?). For the 64 GB model, the smallest, the price of the device alone is 469 euros, against 779 for the standard version of the iPhone 11. A difference of more than 300 euros (310 exactly), justified by differences that we discussed above. It’s up to everyone to see which iPhone best suits their needs depending on the use that will be made of it.

And it is also possible to shop these iPhones at a lower price, taking advantage of discounts or subscribing to a new subscription. So we can find iPhone SE from 1 euro, or the iPhone 11 from 239 euros sure the SFR online store.

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