Are you an Apple fan and can’t imagine your life without an iPhone? You are not alone! Here are the favorite smartphone brands of the French!

Apple has once again struck a blow, with the release of the new iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. But is the American giant a leader in the hearts of the French? Almost ! On the occasion of the Apple Keynote on September 10, Statista gathered data from the Global Consumer Survey in order to find out the preferred manufacturers in France.

If Apple is on the podium, it is Samsung the most used brand by the French! The Galaxy A50, A10, A30 and A70 are indeed very popular. On the high-end side, the recent releases of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 + must also have weighed in the balance.

In second position, we therefore find Apple, whose various iPhone models are still popular. Finally, Huawei moved to third place on the podium, after having succeeded in establishing itself on the French market with the P30 and P30 Pro and conquering 12% of users.

Note that Xiaomi, which continues to grow outside Asia, could well come to shake up this ranking next year …

Samsung, the favorite smartphone brand of the French according to Statista. © Statista

Sources: Statista, Global Consumer Survey