If like Euro 2020, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games take place in 2021, those of 2024 will take place in Paris. For years, the Olympics have not been just a sporting competition, it is a real show of force for the host country. In fact, France intends to demonstrate European progress in the field of flying taxis.

For the occasion, it is Volocopter, a German startup, Airbus and Ehang, a Chinese startup, who have been selected to fly flying taxis over Paris during the Olympic Games. As a reminder, Volocopter caused a sensation during its first test flight on French soil, while Ehang is one of the most advanced companies in the world in this field. Airbus does not even need to be introduced anymore, and its work on flying taxis is considerable.

The future of mobility above our heads

This project is largely supported by the RATP, Choose Paris Region, as well as the Aéroports de Paris. Marie-Claude Dupuis, Strategy, Innovation and Development Director at RATP, talks about the lines that will be put in place: “They will serve a number of points of interest between Orly airport and Charles de Gaulle Etoile, as well as central Paris, possibly at the Issy-les-Moulineaux heliport”.

Florian Reuter, CEO of Volocopter takes this project very seriously. For his startup, which is currently carrying out tests in Dubai, this event will put a nice spotlight on the work of this growing company. If all goes well during the Paris 2024 Olympics, Volocopter will be able to take it to the next level. By 2030, the startup plans to market its flying taxis. Florian Reuter even goes so far as to mention the objectives of his company in the very long term, he explains: “In the future, we believe that eVTOLs will pick up customers from their homes”.