Like every month, Sony unveils the new games on PS4 and PS5 that will be offered to subscribers of the Playstation plus. In addition to your subscription allowing you to play online, to have access to exclusive content, special promotions on some games and certain DLCs, you have free access to several games. For January 2021, Sony invites you to go on an adventure with Lara Croft, participate in some action with the French RPG Greedfall, or swim in the oceans of the whole world in search of revenge with Maneater.

These three games can be picked up from January 5, 2021 and until February 2, 2021 on PS4 and PS5.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PS4)

The first game of the month to pick up from January 5, 2021 is Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the latest adventures of Lara Croft. The latest installment in the famous trilogy that began in 2013, you will continue to explore Lara Croft’s past to discover how the young student became the famous archaeologist. Go now to South America on the trail of a mysterious artefact that would be responsible for many natural disasters.

Greedfall (PS4)

Greedfall is the excellent RPG from the French studio Spiders. Welcome to a fantastic universe, inspired by 13th century Europe. You will discover the story of the French colonist De Sardet who must explore a recently discovered island in order to find a cure to cure Malichor, a terrible disease which strikes the Old Continent.

Maneater (PS5)

Finally, the last game offered in January 2021 is Maneater (PS5 version only). Now play as a young bulldog shark who wants revenge on a shark hunter who killed his mother and seriously injured him when he was born. In order to achieve this, you can use several combat techniques and call on its environment to perform powerful attacks.

Small additional information, if you bought Maneater recently on PS5 (between November and December) there is a chance that your game will be refunded soon.


All you have to do is log into your PS4 or PS5 system, and go to “PlayStation Store”, then to the PS Plus category. The games of the month will be ranked here with a special promotion allowing them to be picked up for free. You don’t have to download them, you can simply “add to library” to retrieve them and enjoy them until your subscription ends.


Don’t have your PS4 or PS5 handy? You can still add free PlayStation games to your PSN library to make sure you own them until your subscription ends. If your console is on standby, you can even start downloading your free games remotely, via the official PlayStation Store site. To do this, go to the PS Plus category, then to the games of the month. It is also possible to do this via the “PS App” application on iOS and Android mobiles!


SubscriptionSupportPriceYearly price
1 monthPS4, PS5€ 8.99€ 107.88
3 monthsPS4, PS5€ 24.99€ 99.96
12 monthsPS4, PS5€ 59.99€ 59.99