After the iPhone XS and XR, what is Apple planning for its next star smartphones?

Since October 2018, we have no more news of iPhone. While the smartphone market is booming with the arrival of foldable screens, what does the American apple firm plan to strengthen its game and stay above its competition? If Apple keeps the secret around its future projects for the moment, we were still able to detect what is in preparation.

A new iPhone 8?

In 2016, the firm launched the iPhone SE, a reissue of the iPhone 6 and amazed all its consumers. What if Apple was ready to make a new remake of one of its old models? In line of sight, the iPhone 8, the short star of 2017, which was quickly dethroned a few dozen days later by the iPhone X.

According to the site Digitimes, this is what would be fomenting in the laboratories of Silicon Valley. The iPhone 8 is scheduled for 2020, available in a 5-inch or 5.5-inch screen, three more than its predecessor. All, of course, with a potential OLED screen. It could also contain a new A13 processor and 128 GB of memory.

You are probably thinking that there is nothing new in the tropics? Certainly. But it is still a small revolution. In recent years, Apple released its new models at a price of around 1000 euros. With the new generation iPhone 8, the American giant is returning to the mid-range for a smartphone that could cost around 700 euros and thus be more affordable.

No iPhone 9 in the program?

Let’s continue in ascending order. Apple released an iPhone 8, then an iPhone X, which is 10 in Roman numerals. What about the iPhone 9? He does not appear on the program. The famous X of the model released at the end of 2017 represented the number 10 in homage to the tenth anniversary of the release of the first model of its kind.

A number was therefore skipped, but there are no plans to catch it. Apple doesn’t dwell on details like this. The firm is preparing to continue its momentum without turning around or looking back. The next model should normally carry the number 11.

The iPhone XI: the great revolution?

We can tell you are waiting for the next big design project. By fall 2019, expect the lavish iPhone XI to hit stores. At the beginning of January, Apple was not officially present at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. No official announcement, no presentation of a new model, absolute silence which worried the experts. A silence that turned out not to be that absolute. Simultaneously, a new model is unofficially revealed by one of the journalists.

On the program, the worthy successor to the iPhone XR, which relies on one of the main assets of smartphones at the apple: the photographs! This new model should therefore include three objectives. A telephoto lens, a wide angle, a very wide angle and why not even 3D shots!

Despite various revelations, this new model is still surrounded by mysteries. We know that it will have an OLED screen, like all future models manufactured by the company and that it should start to integrate 5G. If a release is really scheduled for September 2019, we should learn more quickly than expected.