Steve Jobs’ firm was the first on the smartphone market, it will be the last on the 5G network. However, if the iPhone 11 does suffer from this delay, the Apple brand plans to catch up quickly and well from next year.

While Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi have already launched 5G compatible smartphones on the market, Apple is lagging behind. The American giant, despite being a pioneer in the field of smart telephony, simply missed the big event this year, when the new ultra-fast network is about to be deployed in France like everywhere else. Those who hoped to see the fifth generation of this mobile technology on the iPhone 11 and its little brothers, the Pro and Pro Max models, available on the shelves since September, must have been very disappointed when they discovered that they were still limited to the 4G. Yes, we will still have to wait to move up a gear with the brand with the bitten apple.

Given its schedule, traditionally due to a new range of iPhone unveiled once a year, at the beginning of the fall, it will therefore be necessary to wait almost a whole year before seeing 5G land, a priori, on the version number 12 of the famous Apple smartphone. Long months during which competitors will continue to take advantage of the failures of the Cupertino company to nibble on its market share. Not to worry too much, however… While sales of its iPhone 11 and others are estimated at 80 million copies in 2019 according to Digitimes, the company predicts a sharp increase in demand next year that would allow it to catch up.

Apple, leader of 5G in 2020?

According to the specialized daily, relayed by the site 9To5Mac, it would indeed have warned its supply chain partners that it expected to receive no less than 100 million orders for the iPhone 12. A significant leap which could be explained, of course, by some improvements now. already planned compared to the latest versions of the smartphone, but also and especially the fact that it will therefore, finally, embark 5G. And Apple is not the only one to be confident about its future in this way. A recent study by Strategy Analytics estimates that the American manufacturer should even “overtake the current 5G market leaders, Samsung and Huawei“, as one of the directors of the cabinet, Ken Hyers, commented in a press release published last month.

“With three new 5G models starting next year, Apple can simply match the level of improvements currently being introduced on new iPhone models to take the lead next year.”

It is therefore without too much effort, just by introducing 5G in its new smartphones, which Apple could well recover next year according to observers. Not to mention that, rather than resting on its laurels, the company would have planned to review its business strategy according to the financial holding JP Morgan. The latter was based on its study of the brand’s supply chain to assert, in a report relayed by CNBC this Monday, December 2, that it would no longer present three but four iPhone models in 2020 …

Even giving very precise details (notably assuring that the iPhone 12 will be equipped with OLED screens with a 5.4-inch model, two of 6.1 inches and a last of 6.7 inches), analysts at JP Morgan predict also a change of schedule from 2021. According to them, Apple would then no longer present all the variations of its new version of iPhone at once in the fall, but two first models in the first half and the other two in the second semester. A change in strategy that would allow the American manufacturer to be more flexible and responsive compared to its competitors who, for their part, release smartphones throughout the year … Anyway, we do not actually do too much concern for the bitten apple.

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