After (the very successful) RingFit Adventure, Nintendo seems to still want to move the owners of Nintendo Switch. After several weeks of confinement, many people want to resume a sporting activity, and that is why Nintendo has just launched a new game, free, called Jump Rope Challenge.

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A game… of jump rope?

As you may have already guessed, Jump Rope Challenge is a jump rope game. According to Nintendo, this is a new, very light application (less than 100 MB), developed by "A small group of Nintendo developers from their homes to encourage sports at home. "

Obviously, no additional accessory here, since it will be enough to detach the joy-con from the Nintendo Switch, to hold one in each hand, and to jump on the spot by moving the hands in a circular way, in the same way than when holding a jump rope. On the screen, it’s a cute little rabbit that reproduces the player’s movements.

Like a real fitness tool, Jump Rope Challenge is responsible for keeping player data, and it is even possible to set a daily jump goal. In this way, you can for example do your little jump rope session every evening when you come home from work. Note that the game offers a two player mode, to perform exercises with a friend.

Obviously, Jump Rope Challenge is not a game available in cartridge format, and the title is only offered through the eShop. The game is completely free, and will be downloadable until the end of September 2020. Sports activity requires, Nintendo recommends that players warm up before playing, and possibly seek the advice of a doctor if the there are cardiac risks in particular. Obviously, if you have a Nintendo Switch Lite, the console does not allow you to play this Jump Rope Challenge …