Yet another gaming event in early June

In the absence of E3 2020 this year, due to the coronavirus epidemic, some publishers / studios / media have decided to set up various gaming events. This is particularly the case for the Summer Game Fest, an event spread over … four months. A new collective from various studios has just announced in turn the holding of another gaming event, broadcast for its part on Twitch, from June 6 to 8: The Guerrilla Collective.

This 3-day celebration will begin in collaboration with publishers, developers and the media, through a full day dedicated to announcements and revelations: The Guerrilla Collective, the PC Gaming Show and the Future Games Show.

Guerrilla Collective

" Also part of IGN's “Summer of Gaming” and GameSpot's “Play For All”, The Guerrilla Collective is a spontaneous initiative dedicated to gamers, created with the aim of bringing together gamers and developers to celebrate video games together in this difficult period Explains the collective. In addition to the other gaming initiatives planned for the coming weeks, The Guerrilla Collective promises players that they will have their dose of ads.

Among the studios participating in The Guerrilla Collective, there are notably 11 bit Studios (Frostpunk), but also Funcom, Larian Studios (Baldur’s Gate 3), Rebellion or even ZA / UM (Disco Elysium). A very focused event " indies“, And for good reason, since The Guerrilla Collective is produced by Media Indie Exchange (The MIX) in partnership with Kinda Funny Games Showcase. The MIX is a group dedicated to independent studios present each year at fairs such as GDC, E3, gamescom and even PAX West.

Obviously, this event will be 100% digital, and will therefore take place on Twitch, from June 6 to 8. Everything will be followed directly at the following address, It remains to be seen whether Microsoft and Sony will have given news of their consoles " next gen To come by then.