Tomorrow is the big comeback of the Summer Game Fest! After a far from perfect first edition last year, Geoff Keighley is back to offer players an improved second round thanks to much fan feedback. From Thursday, June 10 and until the end of the summer, several events (which have not all been disclosed) will follow one another to offer us nice surprises and tell us about the games of tomorrow.

Here is already what we can expect from the first meeting tomorrow at 8 p.m. with the opening ceremony which should last 2 hours.

Games, more games at Summer Game Fest!

So yes, in a Gaming event we want games above all! According to the official twitter account of the Summer Game Fest, we should be served since more than 30 games should be shown during the opening ceremony of the festival. Of course, that doesn’t mean there will be 30 games announced. In this list, there will be DLC announcements, probably next-gen ports or games that we had already seen several months or years ago. However, the master of ceremonies Geoff Keighley, confirmed that a dozen “World Premiere”, unreleased and never seen games should be announced Thursday evening. And that is a pleasure!

A presence of PlayStation

God of War Ragnarök PS4 and PS5

© Santa Monica Studios

PlayStation will not participate in theE3 2021. On the other hand, the firm is an official partner of the Summer Game Fest. Thus, we can expect a speech by the end of August through a conference. But it is also possible to have the right to a preview of the PlayStation games on Thursday evening during the opening ceremony!

Guerrilla Games, the developers of Horizon Forbidden West have promised to show their game once again “very soon”. We can expect a new presentation of the title with this time the long awaited release date (and still scheduled for the end of the year).

Sony has other cartridges in reserve with God of War Ragnarok (postponed to 2022), Gran Turismo 7 (also postponed to 2022) or other games that have not yet been announced.

The announcement of the Switch Pro

Nintendo Switch Pro 2020

Nintendo’s new console has been desired for many months. Last week, Amazon’s Mexican subsidiary listed the console on its site. There were many rumors about an announcement for June 3 or 4. Finally, other rumors from the halls confirm that the Switch Pro should be unveiled before Nintendo’s press conference (set for June 15 at 6 p.m.) in order to allow third-party publishers to present their games for this new console without problems.

After Microsoft and the Xbox Series X at the Game Awards, could Nintendo give this great gift to Geoff Keighley?

A surprise from Xbox

Three big Xbox Next Generation games


As we know, Microsoft will organize an exceptional conference on Sunday evening at 7 p.m. (French time) to unveil the future of Xbox and Bethesda. But, the American firm is also in exclusive partnership with the Summer Game Fest. Thus, in addition to a second conference during the summer, we can imagine that Microsoft could realize a nice surprise Thursday evening!

Information on many missing games!

The Wolf Among Us

© The Game Awards

The Wolf Among Us 2. Crimson Desert. Ark II. Wild. Tunic. Elden Ring. Here is a short list of games that were announced a few months (or years) ago that we have no news about. So, even if we cannot refuse the announcement of new games, we still prefer to have information on the games that we have been waiting for quite a while.

The events of the Summer Game Fest in 2021:

Summer Game Fest

© Summer Game Fest

For the moment (as of June 9, 2021), ten events are already planned for this second edition of the Summer Game Fest.


June 108 p.m.Opening ceremony
June 116 p.m.Netflix Geeked Week
June 119 p.m.Koch Media Prime Time
June 1110 p.m.IGN Expo
June 129 p.m.Ubisoft Forward
June 137 p.m.Xbox + Bethesda
June 139:45 p.m.Square Enix Presents
June 1311 p.m.Warner Bros. Games (Back4Blood)
June 16-227 p.m.Steam Next Fest
22nd of JulyEA Play Live

Appointment for the first event tomorrow at 8 p.m., then this weekend for E3 2021. Find now the schedule for E3 at this address. Also discover the schedule of all the summer gaming events right here.