It was in 1997 that Ensemble Studios unveiled for the first time Age of Empires. Quickly, this strategy game inspired by Civilization and Warcraft ii is very successful. This year, if some say they were disappointed by the announcements of E3, Ensemble Studios and Microsoft were indeed at the rendezvous with Age of Empires IV.

16 years after AOE III

Not to mention Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, Age of Empires IV is a brand new opus 16 years after the release of Age of Empires III. With the official trailer we knew about four civilizations out of the eight planned. These were the Mongols, British, Chinese, and the Delhi Sultanate.

E3 was an opportunity to say a little more about this long-awaited game. We learn in particular of the existence of two other civilizations with the French and the Abbasid Dynasty. As for the last two civilizations, it will be the Holy Germanic Empire and the Rus of Kiev.

Scheduled for October 28, 2021 on PC, Age of Empires IV will offer as of its release four campaigns which will be the Hundred Years War, the Normads Campaign, the Mongol Empire, as well as the Rise of Moscow. Subsequently, updates and expansions will allow new campaigns, civilization and other elements to be added to the game.

Important, if you pre-order Age of Empires IV, you will receive the expansion Dawn of the Dukes, straight out of Age of Empire II.

The Age of Empire IV gameplay video shows how hard the developers worked on this project. The animations and the gameplay in general are completely different from what we are used to seeing with AOE since 1997.

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