Today is a hard day for the conglomerate of Facebook and its applications since the company is encountering difficulties in its servers. This is being suffered by its users; that they see as their favorite apps are unable to connect to send messages, photographs and other communications. It is a global fall that affects both WhatsApp and Facebook and Instagram.

It is a generalized failure, just as has confirmed Instagram itself through Twitter, something very rare. The connection error affects certain parts of the globe more than others; with its main focuses on Central Europe, the East Coast of the United States and certain Latin American countries, as Argentina Chile and Brazil.

Difficulties connecting and sending messages

Fall Facebook Map with Facebook connection errors at 17:10 Spanish time (Thursday)

The fall is not widespread, but it especially affects the mentioned territories; with chances of the failure scale globally, something that usually happens in this type of occasions.

In case you try to use applications like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, and you find it impossible to establish communication, all you can do is wait: Facebook will restore its servers in the next few hours. Meanwhile, you can use other messaging applications, also services such as SMS or phone.

Instagram seems to take the worst part: part of its services are affected, such as Stories or the Timeline of photographs. WhatsApp suffers some connection cuts in certain territories. And Facebook allows the loading of content for much of the world, but prevents other actions, such as comment or share.