WhatsApp has been able to silence group notifications for a long time. The idea of ​​this is that the mobile does not bombard you with constant warnings every time someone sends a message or a sticker, and while it fulfills its function, iOS users were still receiving notifications in the form of balloons.

We call the red icon "balloons" that shows the number of pending messages in the corner of the icons. In the case of WhatsApp, although the user had silenced chats, he kept seeing that he had pending notifications in that globe, but WhatsApp has put an end to it in the version 2.19.110.

I don't want to know anything about the group


As it is reflected in the changelog from the latest version, "the muted chats will no longer show more notification badges on the application icon when you receive new messages." That way, even if a muted chat has a thousand pending messages, You'll only know when you open the app manually and access the main screen.

From now on, you will only know that you have pending messages in a muted group when you open the app

It is not the only change introduced in the application, and is that following the example of Instagram, WhatsApp has added some alignment guides which allows you to center the stickers and other elements that are added to the WhatsApp States. If you are a user of the States, it is over to put off-center elements.

The update has already been deployed in the App Store, so check out the app store to see if you have a new version available. If you prefer, you can also access directly from the link we leave on the bottom tab. Of the option to decide who can get you into groups, nothing is known yet, but it should not take long to arrive.



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