DOOM Eternal tested!

If you knew DOOM in the early 90s, then you are familiar with this " fast FPS At the same time bloody, nervous and terribly addictive. Good news today, since in 2020, it is still possible to benefit from this same experience on our new generation consoles and PCs, with the recent DOOM Eternal. A very atypical FPS therefore, which we had already appreciated the return in 2016, and which returns in 2020 for a whole new part of pleasure.

Dallas Slayers Club

In DOOM Eternal, we obviously play the famous Doom Slayer, a monster hunter who will have the heavy task of coming back to Earth to eradicate various fanatics, and very (very) many monsters. As always, everything is a pretext here to face waves of demons, with very often combat arenas that provide a rather jubilant adrenaline rush.

DOOM obliges, it will be necessary here to remain constantly in motion to hope to survive, while taking care to analyze the weak points of the enemies, its ATH and by juggling between the different weapons.

Indeed, in addition to a shotgun, a machine gun, a plasma rifle or a rocket launcher, the slayer (and therefore the player) can also count on a particularly interesting triptych. Indeed, if the glorykills (the fact of savagely finishing off the enemies when they blink) make it possible to recover life, the flame thrower makes it possible for its part to recover elements of armor, when the chainsaw makes it possible to glean from precious ammunition.

On the battlefield, it is therefore necessary to constantly keep an eye on its various possibilities of action, and to think well to cut off certain enemies, to seek the glorykill, to target the weak points … while remaining in motion. It's nervous, it's bloody, but it's also (and above all) very enjoyable to play. What a pleasure indeed to be able to find, in 2020, this intensity so specific to the license, all in 4K (via a 1800p source on Xbox One X) HDR and in 60 fps!

Throughout the game, the player is also required to customize many elements, with obviously weapons to upgrade, via secondary modules in particular, but we can also equip ourselves with "runes" to improve certain statistics, or even use points of combat to boost certain modules. In addition, there are many hidden bonuses in the levels, the possibility of accessing certain special arenas, challenges for the most demanding players … In short, there is really plenty to do.

Platform phases… in DOOM?

Note that this DOOM Eternal also includes various phases of… platforms. Indeed, between two carnage sessions with big shots from a chainsaw, shotgun and rocket launcher, the game sometimes requires going through a small phase of platforms, for example to go to activate this switch that we see behind a grid . Phases not necessarily very exhilarating, not necessarily very precise either … but fortunately quite short (and just as anecdotal) in general.

A DOOM Eternal that benefits (as always) from a very neat level design, even if this opus imposes a slightly more interventionist side than the reboot of 2016, which allowed more exploration. Side storytelling, the game is interspersed with various cutscenes which allow not only to regularly see the slayer (of a crazy class), but also to learn more about the scenario, with a biblical confrontation of paradise / hell type not necessarily new, but rather interesting to follow.

Technique and service life

Technically, DOOM Eternal benefits from a fairly exceptional artistic direction with regard to the bestiary. We also appreciate the “beauty” of glorykills, always as gory and vicious, but so rewarding for the player. We also appreciate here more varied decors than in the reboot of 2016, even if we do not escape a few levels a little too flashy.

Obviously, to keep the "fast" side, DOOM Eternal does not always display as much detail as other FPS, and some decorations are relatively simple (technically speaking), while remaining very beautiful. However, the focus here is on the nervous, fast, responsive side, and DOOM Eternal is a fine example, with a constant 60 fps.

Like the 2016 reboot, DOOM Eternal is a purely "arcade" FPS, with fun (and gore) as the watchword. A bias well known (and appreciated) by fans of the license, but which will inevitably surprise those who expect a more "classic" FPS.

To find the end of the story, it will take between 10 and 15 hours to do this Eternal DOOM. Count a few good overtime hours if you want to recover the different hidden bonuses, and overcome all the special levels. Of course, to prolong the fun, you can also get started in the multiplayer section. The latter skips over the classic Deathmatch and Team Deathmach modes, but allows you to take advantage of a Battlemode, for asymmetrical clashes in 2 vs 1.

Our opinion on DOOM Eternal

After an excellent reboot in 2016, DOOM Eternal confirms the excellent health of the franchise, just under 30 years after its debut. We are enjoying here a controlled "fast FPS", nervous, bloody and painfully fun to play, against a backdrop of biblical iconography. A fast-paced gameplay, almost exhausting at times, but which gives a real pleasure, especially when it comes to finishing, via a glorykill, certain particularly resistant enemies. An excellent opus therefore, with a rather substantial solo lifespan but a fairly limited multiplayer, which we warmly recommend to fans of the genre.

DOOM Eternal

€ 69.99

Doom Eternal

WE love

  • A good big gore and nervous "fast FPS"
  • The artistic direction
  • Lifetime
  • The chainsaw / flame thrower / glorykill triptych
  • The constant 60 fps!

We like less

  • Platform phases …
  • Some decors that lack details
  • The last part of the adventure, less inspired
  • A genre "apart"