Important novelty in the range of Apple computers in 2020. Apple’s new Silicon home chip, the M1, integrates the first consumer Macs in the range, for an undeniable advantage for customers. The central part of the computers, which was still developed by Intel until now, now works in full consistency with Apple products, for much more autonomy and performance.

By integrating M1 into the Mac mini, Apple is marketing at the end of 2020 a computer that is quite up to the task of competing with professional machines like the iMac Pro. For a large portion of customers, buying a Mac mini for less than $ 800 will save a lot of money compared to a professional device over $ 5,000. Already a great product, and a serious alternative to a laptop.

Why buy the Mac mini M1

  • 1️⃣ Professional performance for Apple’s cheapest Mac
  • 2️⃣ Longer autonomy, a compact format
  • 3️⃣ More functional than a MacBook
  • 4️⃣ Forget about fan noise and overheating

Apple has already updated its Mac mini in 2020, and has been marketing the model since January 2005. Its appeal for its cheaper price, its compact size makes it an excellent alternative to MacBooks and iMacs, especially since the arrival of SSD hard drives in 2018, and now the M1 chip, in 2020. Our 2020 Mac mini M1 buying guide tells you more below.

Right now the best price to buy the 2020 Mac mini M1 is € 799.00.

Mac mini 2020 M1 256 GB at the best price
Base price: 799 €

As work moves away from home, desktop computers are going to experience a surge of interest in the next few years. Apple’s Mac mini is regularly penalized by a misconception about it: it is indeed Apple’s cheapest Mac.

For 2020, its style does not change, it is still a small square frame, which does not take up space on a desk compared to a classic tower. To the advantage of a laptop, its number of connections is greater, its performance is higher, and it allows you to work comfortably with a larger external screen and in 4K.

Mac mini M1 2020

© Apple

Why buy an Apple Mac mini M1 in 2020?

At its conference on November 10, 2020, Apple presented the first three Macs with the new line of Apple Silicon processors, the M1 chip. The Mac mini has been on the market since November 17, alongside the new 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Here’s what you need to know to buy the Apple Mac mini M1.

Professional performance

Apple has always capitalized on the overall control of parts of its products and software, to offer great harmony in the operation of its devices. Therefore, its smartphones, tablets and computers require less RAM and batteries with smaller capacities. But until then, Apple did not control the manufacture of the heart of its computers: the processor.

By leaving Intel for the new Apple M1 chip, the Mac mini improves. On paper, it is three times more efficient than the old Intel Core i3, marketed until now. Its graphics performance will take off all the more compared to an execution 6 times faster. Finally, thanks to a CPU of 16 neural cores supposed to learn user habits through the machine learning, Mac mini M1 2020 improves its performance 15 times.

A less energy-consuming Mac mini

For autonomy, Apple offers a CPU with twice 4 cores. The first group, called Icestorm, is used for basic computer tasks, often affiliated with office software and web browsing. They are limited in performance, but greatly reduce power consumption. The other four cores, called Firestorm, support complex software requiring resources and power.

Thus, Apple gives the Mac mini the advantage of being up to the task even on the most complex tasks, while not consuming a lot. The equipment is supposed to be connected to a power outlet, but the criterion of energy consumption is no less important, especially for the concept of overheating (we will discuss it below).

More functional than a MacBook

The Mac mini is the cheapest Mac in 2020. Its price starts at € 799.00. It can largely serve as an alternative to a professional computer, up to the iMac Pro amounting to more than 10,000 €, and can also be a side solution to a MacBook. For once, we will appreciate the gain in connections of the Mac mini.

Apple offers 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports on its Mac mini M1, with USB 4 compatibility. 2 USB A ports are available, as well as an Ethernet port, an HDMI 2.0 port and a mini-jack port. This makes it a much more functional device than a MacBook, since Apple has reduced the ports of its ultraportable computers to an absolute minimum… to a USB C port. Finally, note that the device is WiFi 6 compatible.

Mac mini connectors

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Less noise, less overheating

According to the first tests carried out on the Mac mini M1 2020, Apple has kept its promise to further push the limits of overheating and fan noise of its computers. The improvement is once again due to the integration of the M1 processor. The chip eliminated the fan on the MacBook Air, and the latter is very discreet on the Mac mini. In even complex use, the Mac mini M1 of 2020 does not make noise and does not heat up, all for a Mac available at a price of € 799.00, let us remember again.

Where to buy the Mac mini M1 and at what price?

Before going into the details of the best price to buy your Mac mini M1, it should be noted that the Apple computer is marketed in a single color, and its versions now depend only on RAM and internal storage. The choice hinges around 8 to 16 GB of RAM, for an internal memory of 256 GB to 2 TB. Its price in France is € 799, you should know that the same model, in 256 GB in March 2020 (previous version ), was much more expensive, at 929 €.

The 2020 Mac mini M1 is the cheapest this year while still delivering the best performance from Apple. The best price to buy the Apple Mac mini M1 is € 799.00.

Price comparison for a 256 GB Mac mini M1:

Mac mini 2020 M1 256 GB at the best price
Base price: 799 €

Price comparison for a 512 GB Mac mini M1:

Mac mini 2020 M1 512 GB at the best price
Base price: 1,029 €

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In the Mac mini M1 best price comparison table displayed above, you can discover the best prices to buy the latest Mac mini 2020 cheap. We have identified all the French e-merchants selling the product, to offer you – in real time – the best price to buy the cheapest Mac mini M1 2020. Since then, where to buy the Mac mini M1 at the best price in 2020? Here’s all you need to know about them.

Apple Mac mini M1

€ 799

Apple Mac Mini