For the start of the school year, Google unveiled its brand new Pixel 5. Announced as the new king of photography, it has everything to find success with balanced features, a low price and a pure Android experience. So where to buy the Google Pixel 5 at the best price.

Where to buy the Pixel 5?

The Pixel 5 has been available for pre-order since September 30.

🚀 Right now, the best price for the Pixel 5 is $ 629.00. Below, discover the best deals to buy a Google Pixel 5 at the best price.

Google Pixel 5 at the best price Base price: 629 €

The strengths of the Google Pixel 5

  • 1️⃣ A perfect smartphone for photography
  • 2️⃣ An affordable price
  • 3️⃣ A canon pre-order offer

For this new version of the Pixel, Google has decided to go all out, and offers a pre-order offer never seen before. For any purchase of a Google Pixel 5 before October 14, a Bose QC35 II headset is offered to you. In other words, you have two products for the price of one!

Pre-order the Pixel 5

In our Google Pixel 5 best price comparison guide above, you can discover the best prices to buy the latest Google Pixel 5 cheap. We collect the prices of the best French merchants so that you know, day by day, where to have the best price to buy the Google Pixel 5. If you were hesitant to buy a Pixel 5, here is everything you need to know about this new model!

Reasons to buy a Google Pixel 5

In recent years, Google has made a habit of presenting its new premium smartphone at the start of the fourth quarter. After the announcement of a cheaper model this summer (the Pixel 4a), the brand formalizes its new flagship, the Pixel 5. The latter erases the defects present on the Pixel 4, and promises to be much better. Best of all, the Pixel 5 is cheaper than the Pixel 4, with its retail price of € 629.

A remarkable screen

The screen difference between the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 5 is major. Its 6-inch screen offers an FHD + resolution, and a 90 Hz refresh rate. HDR compatible, it especially offers a much more interesting size / screen ratio, thanks in particular to its tiny selfie sensor. The aesthetic part of the Pixel 5 is therefore neat.

With its 6 inches, it is still a compact smartphone, which is a quality of Google models in 2020, the brand having abandoned its “XL” versions. New in terms of touch, its case is made from 100% recycled aluminum to reduce its carbon footprint.

Finally an autonomy worthy of its name

That's the Pixel 4's biggest flaw: battery life. Google had already made notable progress on its Pixel 4a, and the Pixel 5 is on course to drive the point home, with its 4,080mAh battery. Google also chose not to integrate the most powerful processor currently available, and opted for a Snapdragon 765G, which has already proven its worth on the OnePlus North for example. Coupled with its 8 GB of RAM, you will have no trouble running all the available applications.

Google Pixel 5 green

The green model © Google

Google also introduced a new software feature, which allows you to conserve as much battery life as possible for days of heavy use. It is also compatible with wireless charging, and reverse wireless charging. Despite this larger battery, it remains ultra light with its 151 grams. The big flaw of the Pixel 4 is therefore erased, the Pixel 5 is therefore a smartphone that seems to be, with its price, on an excellent positioning.

The photo always THE strong point

Since the first model, Google has always made its Pixels the best cameras on the market. With this Pixel 5, the giant takes a combo that has already proven itself, with a 12 Mpx wide-angle lens that opens at f / 1.7, and an ultra wide-angle of 16 Mpx, with an aperture of f / 2.2 . No doubt about the quality of the pictures it delivers, and Google has further improved its software with, among other things, the management of the mode carried at night.

Up front is a unique 8MP sensor opening at f / 2. One thing is certain with its low price, the Pixel 5 is a new placement for Google, which could well do well. The competition in this price range does not really have a solid alternative in the photo part.

Where to pre-order the Google Pixel 5 at the best price?

Let's get to the heart of this article: where to buy the Google Pixel 5 at the best price? Available now for pre-order, you can find the best deals on the cheap Pixel 5. In this comparison table you will find a summary of the best offers, just know that by purchasing the Pixel 5 before October 14, you are entitled to a free Bose QC 35 II headphones (current value € 249).

Right now, the best price for the Pixel 5 is $ 629.00. Below, discover the best deals to buy a Google Pixel 5 at the best price.

Google Pixel 5 at the best price Base price: 629 €

The special pre-order offer

Since September 30, the Google Pixel 5 has been available for pre-order from most French merchants. It's going to arrive faster than the previous model, with a release slated for October 15. To take advantage of the best price for the Pixel 5, it is worth opting for the pre-order, which gives you, for 629 €, access to the best camera phone on the market, and excellent noise-canceling wireless headphones, the Bose QC 35 II. Why make such an offer? Quite simply, because the Bose headset integrates Google Assistant, and Google places great emphasis on its services.