More than two years after the last adventures of Pokémon with the Sword and Shield opuses (in November 2019), the legendary saga is preparing its return with a completely new game. See you at the very beginning of 2022 to discover Pokémon Legendes Arceus.

Developed by Game Freak, this is the game long awaited by fans! Pokémon roam free near a village in Crowned Mountain. This is (finally) the RPG that will allow Pokémon fans to experience a real open-world game with Pokémon that roam free in hostile environments in the Sinnoh region.

pre-order pokemon legends arceus

Pre-order Pokémon Legends Arceus

Pokémon Legends Arceus


The first (and only) edition of Pokémon Legends Arceus is the standard edition that will land in January 2022 exclusively on Nintendo Switch. The game will be offered between € 49.99 and € 59.99 (depending on the retailer). For this price, you will have the right to:

  • The copy of the game in physics.



pre-order pokemon legends arceus

As with each new adventure, the starting point will be the choice of your starter! The three starters of Legendes Pokémon: Arceus will be Brindibou, Héricendre and Moustillon. It will be possible to choose one and go on an adventure (as a trainer or trainer).

The village of Crowned Mountain will serve as your base to explore the four corners of the Sinnoh region to create the very first Pokedex in the region. This game is a prequel to all other Pokémon games at a time when the study of creatures was not as developed. But it will already be possible to capture them using a Pokéball.

It will also be possible to fight against wild Pokémon with the help of our allies. We will have to improve our combat and capture tactics to fill our pokédex as much as possible. The legendary Pokémon Arceus will of course play a key role in this new game, but The Pokemon Company has not given more details at this time.

preorder pokemon legends arceus