Launched at the end of last year, the new PS5 and Xbox Series X are still just as difficult to acquire more than six months after their marketing … A very tense situation because of a major shortage of components, which could also force Sony to offer a new version of its PS5 from next year. Beyond production constraints, the new consoles are also facing very high demand.

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The PS5 twice as strong as the Xbox Series (in the first quarter of 2021)?

Indeed, each restock of PS5 or Xbox Series X usually only takes a few minutes … In this little game, it would seem, however, that the PS5 is quite clearly at the top of sales for the beginning of the year 2021. According to the figures communicated by Ampere Analysis, in the first quarter of 2021, the PS5 range would have been sold to 2.83 million copies, against 1.31 million for the Xbox Series family.

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No need to be a genius in mathematics to deduce that the PS5 would thus display a sales ratio greater than 2 to 1 with respect to its direct competitor. Obviously, due to the shortage affecting the two machines, these figures should be put into perspective, but in fact, this does not prevent Sony from already taking a fairly large lead over Microsoft, the Japanese giant thus following in the footsteps of PS4, which crashed the Xbox One on the previous generation.

It remains to be seen when it will be possible to get your hands, normally, on a PS5 or an Xbox Series X, but we will have to be patient because this may not happen before 2022 …

But, as has been the case since 2017, Nintendo is watching from above the little battle between Sony and Microsoft. Indeed, in this same first quarter of 2021, Nintendo would have sold no less than 5.86 million Switches worldwide. While the Nintendo Switch recently celebrated its fourth anniversary, the console still shows an increase of 12% in the first quarter of 2021, compared to the previous year. Who said the lights are red already?