What's going on in Mixer? The question seriously deserves to be asked when comparing the latest video game streaming viewing figures released last month. As we told you then, they demonstrate the very good shape of the platforms during the confinement period. Twitch’s audience literally soared with a 50% increase between March and April, or 101% from last year. The site is also trying to diversify its content, which is no longer solely focused on video games, and brings to it a new audience around themes such as dating, or sport.

Internal problems at Mixer

The competition is also doing very well, like Facebook Gaming, whose growth between March and April was 72%, an increase of 238% compared to 2019. YouTube Gaming did the same with an increase of 14% between March and April and 65% in one year.

Faced with these excellent results, Mixer is looking very pale with a 0.2% increase in viewings compared to 2019. This is a real concern for the platform which, however, did sign renowned streamers like Ninja last August. A thrill was then felt, but this clearly did not improve the results over time.

According to ONMSFT, who had access to internal sources, has had a difficult past month that could explain the difficulties. Sixteen layoffs were reportedly due to budget cuts, which represents around 25% of the total workforce.

The next audience figures, which will be revealing, will have to be carefully observed. If this bad pass is confirmed, it could even be very difficult for the site to keep its renowned streamers, they could indeed be tempted to go to more popular platforms.