A few days ago, we were able to attend a complete presentation of the brand new F1 2021. This new opus of the series, still overseen by Codemasters, and now published by Electronic Arts, will be launched on July 16 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, but also (and for the first time) on PS5 and Xbox Series. A title firmly awaited by many fans, and of which we were able to have a small preview live recently.

F1 2021, full of changes?

Pandemic obliges, this preview session of the new F1 2021 took place remotely, with the possibility for some journalists to discover elements of the game to come, in the company of Lee Mather, game director of this F1 2021.

F1 2021 Standard

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An F1 2021 which will shake up some habits, with in particular the return of the Scenario mode, started in F1 2019. The latter will allow the player to embody a young rookie from the paddock, with various antagonists, not to mention the return of Devon Butler, introduced in F1 2019. A scripted mode, which will be punctuated by various cutscenes, just to push the immersion to the maximum.

The other good news is that this 2021 F1 will be more customizable than ever. Indeed, if you want to focus on the race for example, you can choose to deactivate certain (useless) elements of the career, such as interviews (phew !!) or even various extras that are not necessarily useful. In addition, F1 2021 will always be open to neophytes, with a simplified game mode, but it will also offer a new Expert mode, for those who want an experience that is both realistic and demanding. A very good point.

It should also be noted that it will be possible to carry out a career in solo or in duo (online), with the possibility of playing the two pilots of the same team, or on the contrary, of competing in different tubs. The “transfers” will be there, and it will be quite possible to break this budding friendship with your teammate to become the best rivals in two competing teams. Friendly.

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Codemasters has also developed a “Real Season Start“, Allowing to start an F1 season based on the current season. For example, when the game comes out, it will be possible to start your career with the Hungarian GP, ​​the game then establishing the drivers and manufacturers rankings according to those of “the real life“. Why not.

What about PS5 and Xbox Series X then?

Regarding F1 2021 “next-gen”, understand the episode cut for our PS5 and Xbox Series X, Codemasters promises that the game will benefit from notable improvements, in addition to a total lack of loading time. We should therefore take advantage of better textures, increased resolution, but also precious ray-tracing. Note, however, that according to the slides displayed during the presentation, ray-tracing will not be available in the race (unlike the PC version of the game), but only in the interface and in the reruns. A way undoubtedly for Codemasters to avoid sacrificing the frequency (of 60 fps) in favor of some additional graphic effects. To see if this will be the case when the game is released.

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Nevertheless, Codemasters did not deign to perform a gameplay demonstration to attest to the visual difference between the PS4 / Xbox One versions and the PS5 / Xbox Series X versions. We know, however, that the game will allow a free migration to the version. next-gen (for those who will buy the PS4 and Xbox One versions), but in terms of the graphic difference, we will have to wait for the full test of the game.

Instead, Codemasters allowed us to get behind the wheel of a Mercedes-AMG F1 on the Barein track. A version “work in progress”Obviously of this new F1 2021, which however allows to discover excellent feelings, as was already the case in the previous opus. To see now what will be the (good) elements that will clearly differentiate this new opus from the previous one.

As far as we are concerned, we wanted to question Lee Mather on the damage management of this F1 2021. The latter promised us that new mechanical parts could fail and force the player to abandon. Regarding punctures, they should also be better managed, with better rendering on the screen, but also punctures which will appear in a more “realistic” manner. In particular, we were able to observe new visible damage to the rear wing, but also much more punctures ”realistic”Visually speaking. A very good point.

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Of course, Codemasters also promises many optimizations with regard to the multiplayer mode of this F1 2021, with again the objective of improving both the pleasure and the playing comfort. However, it will be necessary to wait until the launch of the game to know everything about the different online modes. Nevertheless, the presentation we were able to attend allowed us to discover a F1 2021 that seems more ambitious, more open, and more customizable than ever. The full test (Xbox Series X / PS5 version) of F1 2021 will arrive soon on Squeezer. Until then, turn up the volume, and go to the first corner.

And to pre-order this new 2021 F1, head to this address.