Remember, on April 23, when Thomas Pesquet and his crew went to the launch pad to join their Crew Dragon capsule, they did so in Tesla Model X. Elon Musk is running SpaceX and Tesla.

Yesterday, as Jeff Bezos, his brother, and two other passengers took Blue Origin’s first manned sightseeing flight, they took to the launch pad in a mysterious vehicle. It was a very modern SUV design that belongs to the manufacturer Rivian.

This American company is very often considered a “Tesla-killer”, especially with regard to SUVs and pickups. Following the presentation of the Cybertruck by Tesla, Rivian had lowered the prices of its pickups.

Jeff Bezos very close to Rivian

Founded in 2009, Rivian is a company specializing in the design of electric utility vehicles. Valued at over $ 27 billion at the start of the year, this company can count on the support of many shareholders such as T. Rowe Price, Ford, or even and especially Amazon. The American giant founded by Jeff Bezos has invested more than $ 700 million in Rivian and has ordered 100,000 electric vans to add them to the Amazon delivery fleet.

Like Tesla, Rivian is part of the Zero Emissions Transportation Assosciation (ZETA), alongside Uber, Lucid Motors, and 24 other companies. ZETA’s primary goal is for new electric car sales to represent 100% of sales by 2030.

We can consider the decision of Jeff Bezos to board a Rivian SUV to join the New Shepard as a nod to Elon Musk who loves to mix his different companies. In May 2020, we saw a Tesla Cybertruck inaugurate a tunnel under Los Angeles designed by The Boring Company, another company founded by Elon Musk. Note that if Musk seems to get along wonderfully with Richard Branson, relations are more complicated with Jeff Bezos.