Last week we told you about the biggest PlayStation 5 in the world. ZHC has recreated the Sony console 100 times larger, with a price 100 higher also since it costs 70,000 dollars.

If that price seems a bit exaggerated for a PlayStation 5 to you, tell yourself that Caviar has done even better. Caviar is a Russian jeweler who is used to offering very high-end smartphone accessories. For example, this company sells iPhone 12 cases up to $ 46,000.

Several versions available

You guessed it, Caviar has decided to focus this time on the PlayStation 5 by offering a version coated with 8 plates of 18 carat gold. If you want to integrate this extraordinary Golden Rock PS5 console into your living room, it will be necessary to spend the sum of 499,000 euros. As a reminder, the PlayStation 5 in standard version is currently marketed at 499 euros, while the Digital version is at 399 euros.

If that’s any reassurance, it looks like this golden console is cheaper than expected. Considering the quantity of gold used, the price could go up to 1.5 million euros.

At least tell yourself that PS5 Golden Rock stocks will go slower than regular PlayStation 5 stocks. You can also opt for the version covered in alligator leather and a few pieces of gold for 8,140 dollars, or the carbon version for 5,830 dollars.

Obviously, these editions are extremely limited, and only a few copies will be sold.

For people still looking for where to buy the next-gen console from Sony, you can always check out our guide which updates in real time to let you know when stock returns. A few weeks ago, Sony assured that constant stock would be available during the year 2021. It will therefore still be necessary to be patient, and try not to be fooled on Leboncoin.