Great question. Since the revelation by Steve Jobs of the very first phone signed Apple during the famous Keynote of 2007, the Californian giant has continued to innovate by offering smartphones that are always more developed. If the competition with other manufacturers is more than fierce, the Cupertino company can count on a certain attachment from consumers who would not trade their iPhone against an Android model for anything in the world. We have to admit that these smartphones do indeed have solid advantages… With the upcoming release of the iPhone 12, discover the reasons why you too should bite into the apple.

The iPhone, the very first real smartphone

Already the leader in digital music players with the legendary iPod, the Californian giant surprised the whole world in 2007 with the announcement of its very first phone. Called iPhone, this device allowed much more than to make simple calls… Like a Swiss army knife, this one indeed offered the possibility of listening to its MP3, to surf the Web or to take photos. This original object thus combined several in one. A revolution. The legend of the iPhone was born.

Faced with the earthquake created by the Cupertino company, the leaders of the time – Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Blackberry or Samsung – took a huge tsunami in the face, their phones being well below that offered by Apple. . The Android operating system – rival of iOS – was launched a year later, on a model of the HTC brand.

Lagging behind for a long time, Google’s OS and smartphone manufacturers have since caught up well, offering a similar – sometimes better – experience to that offered by the Apple. And yet, despite all of this, the iPhone remains their number one choice for many consumers. Why is that? Several reasons explain it …

The “made in Apple” design

No matter what generation it is, an iPhone is instantly recognizable. And for good reason, the Apple lines have this “je ne sais quoi” that sets them apart from the competition. If other manufacturers such as Samsung or Huawei also offer models with impeccable finishes, the Californian giant has always favored a sober and minimalist style, for an ultra elegant and neat result. More than a simple everyday object, this smartphone has thus become in the eyes of consumers a true luxury product….

Ergonomics is another strong point of Apple design. The products are designed to provide optimal grip, regardless of their size. The American company has always wanted to make technology accessible to as many people as possible, through easy-to-handle objects, so that children and grandparents can almost intuitively understand how the device works. And this also goes through iOS, the manufacturer’s unique operating system …

iOS and the strength of the Apple ecosystem

The operating system – or OS for “Operating System“in English – is the software layer allowing devices to come to life. At Apple, this mobile OS responds to the sweet name of iOS. Clear, easy to use and well thought out, it equips all iPhones, and only the latter The OS signed Apple – which recently unveiled its novelties with iOS 14 – still remains an undeniable reference in terms of fluidity, stability and ergonomics, even if Android now offers such a qualitative experience.

All the fans will tell you; it is when the iPhone is paired with other Apple objects that it becomes even more essential. It is even all the strength (and the disadvantage) of the firm. If you have more than one branded device, they will all work in perfect harmony. Macbook, iPad, HomePod, AirPods or iWatch… These devices are thus all compatible with the iPhone, and can in particular communicate with the latter thanks to various functionalities such as AirPlay or AirDrop. If your two devices are synced, with Handoff you can also start a task on your iPhone, finish it on your Mac. And this, thanks to the power of iOS …

Security and frequency of updates

This is the main criticism made by detractors of the Apple against the iPhone: the iOS operating system is far too closed compared to that of Google. It is a reality, but it is also what makes all its strength. And for good reason, the more open a system, the more vulnerable it is to attacks and therefore much more likely to be hacked. To the chagrin of Android users …

On the robot side, phone manufacturers like Oppo or Xiaomi are dependent on Google to deploy their security updates and Android updates. And when they arrive, it is sometimes a little (too) late. In addition, the manufacturer updates – such as EMUI 11 for Huawei or One UI 3.0 for Samsung – are not deployed at the same time on the phones concerned … which can cause waiting and frustration. At Apple, on the other hand, everything is mastered from A to Z, updates and fixes are offered regularly and quickly on (almost) all iPhone models, simultaneously.

Device performance

When it comes to power, the iPhone makes absolutely no concessions. With their foolproof reactivity, these neat devices enjoy a reputation – justified – of fast smartphones. And for good reason, they benefit from an optimized chip that allows them to perform many tasks – video games, web browsing, photos or even augmented reality – without ever weakening or slowing down.

The latest generation of iPhone – the 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max and SE – is equipped with the in-house processor A13 Bionic 6-core which, according to Apple benchmarks, would be “quite simply the fastest chip ever for a smartphone”. What is certain is that the CPU / GPU combination of System-on-Chip (SoC) widens the gap with the competition in terms of performance, and in particular those related to energy savings …

A genius after-sales service

Do you have a problem with your iPhone? Meet at Genius Bar ! By going to an Apple Store – having chosen an appointment slot beforehand – customers can get help from Apple experts who will perform a full diagnosis of the device. This after-sales service can range from simple software assistance to a personalized estimate for hardware breakage. By having your smartphone repaired there, the manufacturer’s warranty remains intact.

There is also the option Apple Care. By subscribing to this contract, consumers can benefit from technical support, inexpensive repairs and even – in some cases – a replacement of their phone. The price of this insurance nevertheless remains high… The price of serenity?

Gold on the second-hand market

The iPhone is expensive, it’s a fact. Good news: it also sells for a high price. Equipping an Apple-branded smartphone is certainly an investment, but with a much lower discount than that observed on Samsung or Motorola phones, the purchase can quickly pay off… Explanations.

One year after its release, an iPhone loses on average 25% of its initial value, and around 45% in the second year. For high-end Android phones, however, the figures are final: around 45%, and then… 71%. Knowing that the resale of an old telephone can condition the purchase of the new one from a certain number of consumers, the criterion of value over time is therefore decisive. The iPhone is thus an interesting choice …

Reliable, elegant and powerful, the phones of the Californian firm are definitely not lacking in advantages. Find the iPhone 11 Pro Max as well as all other Apple brand smartphones today on the SFR store !

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