Since the start of the current pandemic, several global companies have had to review their plans, agreeing to postpone some of their plans – by a few months … or a few years. In this context of health crisis, Ford also announced the postponement of one of its initiatives.

In a statement, the automaker said it was delaying the commercial launch of its autonomous vehicles by one year. Ford planned to have its driverless taxi fleet by the year 2021 in the United States, a project that will only take place in 2022.

Ford will " take the time to study changes in customer behavior "

The brand justifies its decision in this way: " Given the challenges of the current business environment, as well as the need to assess the long-term impact of COVID-19 on customer behavior, Ford has decided to postpone the launch of its autonomous vehicle services. to 2022. Understanding customer behavior is an essential part of setting up a new trust-based mobility service designed to make people's lives easier "

Ford also announces that it will take advantage of this period to " take the time to study changes in customer behavior (…) and possibly modify its marketing strategy "

However, Ford plans to continue the launch of the Mustang Mach-E (electric SUV competing with the Tesla Model Y) which should take place this year, as well as the presentation of a new version of the Bronco.

Ford also announced that it anticipates significant additional losses in the coming months. In the first quarter, the automotive group posted a loss of $ 2 billion, a figure that is expected to exceed $ 5 billion in the second quarter.

Since March, several American companies have been forced to stop in order to comply with government instructions, this is the case for Ford – which has therefore been stopped for a long time now. .